Lighting – Introduction


Jon Dee from Do Something campaigned to phase out the sale of inefficient incandescent bulbs[1]. The campaign was successful.
light fire By 2020, it is expected that the move to more efficient lighting will result in hundreds of millions of dollars of savings to the Australian economy[2]. But there are still many other ways to save money on your lighting.
light dimmer
If you’re upgrading your lighting, consider installing lighting fixtures that use a dimmer. This will allow you to manually adjust your lighting levels. The lower the light level, the lower your energy use.
light fire When you install long-life lights, you also cut maintenance costs as you reduce the need to pay someone to climb up a ladder and replace the lights each time one gives out. Efficient lights also give off less heat, so they can reduce your air-conditioning costs too.
task lighting

Task lighting or zone lighting is far more efficient than lighting a whole area. For example a lamp is better for reading than several overhead lights. Task lights can be combined with dimmable space lighting, allowing you to minimise lighting costs while meeting all needs.
lamp shade Use light and translucent lampshades to maximise illumination; some fittings can waste half the energy used by blocking the light. Keep your lighting fixtures clean and free of dust as that diminishes lighting output by up to 50%[3].

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